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  Enter to Worship, Leave to Serve  

At The Table, we worship with our hearts toward action. Please check our upcoming events for the location and time of our next worship. We normally meet on Sunday mornings, and we meet at various locations: public parks, retirement homes, restaurants, and online. 


Our gatherings are informal ones: We pray. We praise God through song and music. We talk. We learn from each other. We laugh. We cry. We invite God to lead us as we find ways to serve and love our neighbors. Each week everyone is invited to share communion.


Just as our Lord Jesus Christ welcomed ALL to the table, we welcome ALL to the table. We celebrate our diversity as humans while also working to break down the barriers that divide us so that we can all walk together.  

What to Expect at The Table

What to Expect at The Table

 Our Services Include:
Fellowship and laughter
Music (singing, guitars, mixed wind ensembles)
Responsive Liturgy
Dwelling in the Word
Holy Communion


Youngest Member Draws 2023 Watchword for The Table

What is the Watchword in the Moravian Church?

The practice of drawing a biblical text as a guide for meditation and conduct.  The  Table Moravian had its youngest member draw a biblical text from a basket that will serve as the biblical guide for The Table Moravian Church in 2023. Each member drew their own watchword guide as well.

Please click on the following video from our 1/8/2023  service.

Pictures from the 2022 Christmas Eve Candlelight Service at The Table
Offerings given to Western Wake Crisis Ministry

Getting Ready
Candles, Advent Wreath, Moravian Putz
Advent Wreath.jpg
Making Christingles
Click here for more information about Christingles
Hartman making Christingle.jpg
Finished Christingles
Pastor Fran Reading Christmas Passages from the Book of Luke
We All Receive a Christmas Message 
Fran Leading Christmas Eve Service 2022.jpg
Lighting Christingles and Singing Christmas Carols!

Listen to Singing from Liturgy of Grace
From The Moravian Book of Worship, Sunday, September 4, 2022
First Sunday worshiping at Fairview Community Club

Listen to Music From Moravian Music Sunday, July 2022

Wonderful Weber Brothers Singing
"Do Lord"

The Table Children Singing
"Peace Like A River"

Miller Family Singers
"You Can Make A Difference"

Listen to The Table Moravian Band, Palm Sunday 2022

11A Herrnhut
"They Who Jesus' Followers Are"
Moravian Book of Worship Hymn 672

585D Regent Square
"Praise To You, O Lord We Render"
Moravian Book of Worship Page 53

Scripture Reading: Advent Celebration 2021

Some Of Our Responsive Liturgies

Liturgy of Compassion

Reflections on Psalm 121

Intercessions in Time of Crisis

Christian Unity

Liturgy for Holy Communion

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