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What We Believe

What Are Moravian Essentials?

"Our Moravian Essentials in One Minute" by Dana Myers 

The Moravian Motto

In essentials, unity; in non-essentials, liberty; in all things, LOVE.

Moravian Church Lovefeast in celebration of the Holy Spirit
Old Salem of Winston-Salem May 15, 2022

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Our Essentials

The Table is a ministry of the Moravian Church’s Southern Province. The Moravian Church – sometimes called the Unitas Fratrum – dates back to the 1400s. That makes us one of the oldest Protestant denominations.


From place to place, Moravian congregations may look different, but we’re united by what we like to call “the essentials”:


God creates (and God’s creation is good), God redeems, God blesses; and we respond by having faith in what God has done and is doing; by loving God, loving ourselves, loving our neighbors and loving our enemies; and by looking to the future with hope because we know that God's spirit is with us always. 

While we’re proud of our centuries-old history, those of us at The Table aren’t following any traditional formula as we build our faith community. Instead, we’re answering God’s call for us to forge a new path of loving hospitality to both those we know and those we have yet to meet. 

God has endowed each person with gifts that can make our world a better place and make us better people. That’s why we’d like to invite you join us as we grow in faith, love and hope.

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